Sunday, October 23, 2005

work, work, work....

I must confess, I have not been running since Tuesday. I am working on this HUGE project at work, and it has pretty much taken over my life. I have been going in at 7:30am and leaving at 9:00pm.....I am exhausted. I run at night, so by the time I leave work, it's too dark and rainy. I know I could run today, even though it's freezing out and raining...BUT, I am a little (well, a lot) hung over today. After my exhausting week at work, I had a party to attend last night and I tore it up. I so needed those 12 beers and 1 martini! Believe me when I say, I am paying for it today.
Perhaps today will be used as a rest day and I will run tomorrow. It's funny, but I feel bad not running for 5 days. My body needs it, and my mind needs it as well.


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