Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rain, Sleet, Turkey.....and (maybe) A New Pitcher!

Ran 3 miles last night. The new orthodics gave me a blister under the arch of my left foot. OUCH! The socks that I had on didn’t help the situation, seeing as they were on the thick side and irritating the arch.

The weather here in Boston is supposed to be UGLY on Thanksgiving Day. They are predicting rain/sleet and cold temperatures...not so sure if I want to run in that kind of weather. I know that I have been planning to run this Gobbler Race since September, but I think I may bail on it. I am not one to brave the elements for a fun run!

Did anyone see Oprah's favorite things episode yesterday? She had these new running shoes from Nike on the list.
They are supposed to be worn with no socks...hummm not so sure how that would work. I was just wondering if anyone has tried them out or knows anything about them.
They come in some fabulous colors and we all know that stylish trends are what makes us better runners, not comfort and fit!! ;o)
Just curious.
Anywho...if I don’t run the Gobbler Race, I will definitely get in a 5 miler on Saturday whether it’s outside or on the treadmill at the gym. I am going to have to work off some of the 10,000 extra calories I plan on consuming on Thanksgiving!

Now for some Red Sox news……2 words for ya….. Josh Beckett.

Nice move, I’m liken’ it. Just curious as to who's making the transactions……Larry???


At Tuesday, November 22, 2005 2:38:00 PM, Blogger RunderWoman said...

I'm going to miss New England Thanksgiving! Although the weather in nyc is supposed to be clear but chilly Thursday (much better than the nasty rain we're having now!)

My dad always helps out with the Feaster Five race in Andover, by the way. I grew up not too far from there.

Have a good one in spite of the weather...

At Tuesday, November 22, 2005 4:02:00 PM, Blogger Susan said...

I'm with you on those calories . . . i'm scared.

At Tuesday, November 22, 2005 9:10:00 PM, Blogger BuckeyeRunner said...

I'm with you on the turkey trot issue. Supposed to be *cold* in Pittsburgh. Not sure if I will make it-which is bad, because I, too, plan on consuming WAY too many calories!! Have a great holiday!

At Wednesday, November 23, 2005 5:30:00 PM, Blogger David said...

Oil Can Boyd is cutting the deals from his place of confinement.

At Friday, November 25, 2005 7:47:00 AM, Blogger a.maria said...

hey, check out Mark (blogfather's) blog...he just posted about those Nike shoes and Oprah misinforming the public....!

have fun running those cal's off this weekend. i'll be right there with ya...


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