Sunday, June 25, 2006

7.5 mile Road Race

I'm back, San Diego was amazing. This wasn't my first time there, but it never gets old. I love it there. The weather could have been better, but I'm not complaining seeing as it hasn't stopped raining here since I've been back. I kept my word and got my running in SD. It was awesome. I ran a couple days and got in my long run which I am going to estimate to have been approximately 7.5 or 8 miles. It was a nice sunny morning, got a little sunburn on my shoulders and ran entirely along the beach....ahhhhh....!! It was great. After the run I had a nice frozen Pina Colada waiting for me by the pool. My friends thought I was crazy for getting up and running, but I was glad I did it.

This week I kind of slacked off on my I said it's been rainy and muggy and just gross here. I only ran once this week on Tuesday for about 3 miles.

Today I ran a 7.5 mile road race. Seeing as I only ran once this week, I didn't think I was going to be prepared, but I was, well...I finished anyways. I don't have my official chip time, but my watch clocked 1:31 when I crossed the finish line. That was with one porta-pottie stop and I walked during the water stops. I'll post my official chip time once they are available. Did I mention that it was pouring rain for the first 30 minutes of the run......then it was off and on with a lingering drizzle. Rain sucks! I think I may have mentioned that once or twice in previous posts. It seems like all it ever does here is rain.....Doesn't mother nature know that I NEED A TAN!!! Enough already.

So that's it on the running tip. Things are going good. I think I'm going to invest in some new sneakers this week. I went to the running store last week-end and I bought one of those fanny pack looking thingys with a water bottle attached to know what I mean. I got the one where the water bottle is on the back. It's really not my thang....but I had to put hydration before my fashion needs. I nearly died of thirst last week-end on my long run. I have to learn to prepare and learn! So now I have my "fanny bottle" and I also bought some GU, which I haven't tried yet. I read that you should use it if you run over an hour, so maybe on my next long run I'll give it whirl. I just stuck with the vanilla, I figure you can't go wrong with vanilla. It feels kind of gross in the packet, I don't know if I'm going to be able to swallow that down. I'll try anything once so if it's not for me, on to something else.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Two Posts in One! 5 miles - 7 1/2 miles

So I had this big long post ready to go last week and when I hit the button to save it...I got a big error message/time out and lost the whole thing.
It went something like this:
I ran 5 miles on Sunday 5/28/06, I am not disclosing the time. I swear I am faster, I don't know what's happening to me!

I bought a new car. (I actually bought it 3 weeks ago, I just kept
forgetting to tell you)

I am off to San Diego next, no, no silly, not for the
marathon...just to party like a rock star and get my sun on. I will be
there 2 days after the marathon, so I won't even be able to cheer everyone on.

I also want to give a big shout out to A.Maria, Runner Susan and everyone else running on Sunday. Rock n' Roll Baby!!!

Today's running 6/4/06.......I just finished running 7 and a half miles! This is my longest distance to date. It was a good run. There was a little drizzle the whole way, which was fine, it keep me cool. My dogs are barking right about now. I have a tender spot on the bottom of my left foot. I hope it doesn't amount to a blister. So yeah...I ran 7 and a half miles. I feel good about that. Actually, I was suppose to run it Sat. morning with my training group....but I had a little too much to drink Friday night after work and could not lift my head off the pillow when my alarm went off at 6:45 yesterday morning. I was actually very proud of myself for not blowing it off all together. I didn't have much faith in myself to run that long of a distance by myself...but I did. Yeah me.

I am off to San Diego on Tuesday. I can't wait! I sooo need a vacation. I have already planned my running schedule while I am there. I have promised myself I would not blow off the training schedule just because I am away. I am actually looking forward to running in new surroundings, in the sunshine and near a NICE beach......not the crappy east coast ones that I run at.
I will miss my long run with the training program again next week, because I will be away. I'm OK with that because I am focused now and am able to do the long runs on my own, considering that we are still on the "short" end of the long runs.

Happy Running to All.