Saturday, September 23, 2006

In a nut shell

I have been trying all week to get a post out, but just haven't had time. Sorry.

Last Saturday, I ran the Nahant 30K. In a nut shell, the run went pretty good. Unbeknownst to me, the course was VERY hilly! It seemed like every time I conquered a hill, I'd turn the corner and there was another one, and it was bigger than the last. It was a killer. My ass was killing me. The last 4 miles of the race were flat, it was along the beach. As I approached mile 15, I was drained, the hills really took a toll on me. I made a mental note of a port a pottie at the 15 mark. By the time I reached 15 and a half, my "stomach" issue started to surface. Honestly....I just don't get it. Enough already. So I walked to the 16 mile where there was a water stop hoping that there would be another port a pottie. There wasn't! I ended up walking the rest of the race because I was literally going to crap my pants........again! I take that back, I ran the little tiny stretch to the finish because I was embarrassed that I was walking! My goal time was 4:15 and I ended up doing it in 4:37. Whatever. What are you gonna do?!

Some mistakes I made during the race:

*I didn't re-fuel - I thought the race would provide something along the course, but they didn't. I usually have my jelly beans and a granola bar.
*I only drank water - I never ever drink Gator-ade and I think I need to.
*I went out too fast - The whole race thing got me excited!

So that's it. I'm disappointed.

Tomorrow I am running 22 miles! OMG! Just saying it makes my stomach turn flips!
I am going to start off slow. I have been drinking gator-ade all week to get my stomach used to it. I am going to take an Immodium before I go to bed. I pray to god it works! I have also been hydrating all week and I've packed my jelly beans and granola bar. That's my plan.....let's hope it works.

Once this is over, it's TAPER BABY!! WOO HOO!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

A crappy run!

I didn't run the 25K last week. I got a little nervous and backed out. I ended up running on my own. I only got in around 10 because my sister called me to come home. There was a little problem with the contractor that is doing work on our house. Maybe I got in a little over 10....

So this week-end was my big 18 miler. This would be the longest distance to date.
The run started off GREAT, I even made a comment to some of my group members that, "I think this is the best run I have had all training".....ummmm ya.....can you say JINX????

We get to mile 6 and I can feel my stomach gurgling, so I run into a Starbucks, just to be safe.....what a nightmare....from that point on I pretty much ran bathroom to bathroom. It was U-G-L-Y!!!

I hit mile 13 and make another pit stop and off I went. I then begin to realize that that was the last of the available bathrooms. There aren't any more bathrooms until I hit mile 18! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! What am I going to do???

I make it to mile 14 and at this point, it's almost impossible for me to run anymore, I duck into the woods.......ya, that was fun!! Honestly! Does it get any lower than this???

I knew that we had a water stop set up at mile 15, so I pretty much walked there, being ever so careful not to walk too fast. At this point, the cramps in my stomach were sooooo bad, that I started to dry heave because I didn't want to crap my pants!!! It had to come out one way or the other......!!! I know, TMI, sorry, but it was THAT bad.
What an awful feeling. Honestly, I have never in my life felt like that before.
I get to the 15 mile water stop and hitch a ride back to the starting point.
I have never been so mad at myself. For once in this crazy running/training program, I really was having a great run.....then this had to happen. I was truly feeling like a "real" runner, until I almost crapped my pants, then I felt more like a 2 year old child!

The only thing different that I did for this run was that I took two Aleve before the run. My knee has been hurting since my last long run and I needed something. Everyone in my group was chalking my stomach issues up to this. I know, never try anything different before a long run......Lesson learned!

About my knee....The pain is a small section on the inner right knee cap, it feels like a really really bad bruise, but there is no bruise there. I rested it all week and it started to feel better, but after yesterdays run, it is KILLING me. Icing it doesn't help, so I am going to try and wrap it. I can't get hurt way.....the marathon is right around the corner.

I am running a 30K on Saturday. I'm nervous, but I'm not backing out. I have to do this. This will be my second to last long run before I start to taper.....woohoo!!

I have the 18 miler and then a 22 miler, then that's it......back down to 10! I can't wait. I just want to run this marathon already!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.....

I know it's been awhile since my last post, but things have been really busy for me lately. On top of trying to keep up with running 4-5 times a week, football practice has started for my son. He practices 4 nights a week and by the time we get home, it's late and we have to eat and shower and just get things done......I know you all understand.

Since my last post, I have run a 10 mile long run, a 16 mile long run (which by the way, I knocked 10 minutes off from my last 16miler, yeah me!!) and a 10 miler.

Things are going good.

I bought new sneakers which are working out great. I switched from Brooks to Saucony, not for any apparent reason, just because the running shoe guy brought them out and I liked how they fit.

I have stopped running with gum......the only difference I have felt so far is that my jaw isn't hurting after my long runs!

I have to be honest here, I really just want this marathon to come and go. I am beat. I feel like I have been training FOREVER. I know I am getting better with my running, and I can definitely see the results on my long run, but a whole nother' month of this ......ARGHHH!!! I just want it to be here.

I have a 15 miler on the schedule for this week-end, and my club isn't meeting due to the holiday. I have decided to run a 25K, and not just any 25K, but one that has 16 HILLS total. Honestly.....I don't know what I am getting myself into, but I think I'm up for the challenge! We'll see.
It's suppose to rain so that ought to be fun, running hills in the rain...woohoo, shoot me now!

OK, I've got lots of catching up to do and commenting. I hope everyone has a great long week-end, and happy running!!